Trade alert? fractalerts During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Trade alert? fractalerts During Times of Economic Uncertainty

A Reliable trade alert? Market crashes. Corporate bailouts. Businesses closed for who knows how long. 

Yeah, you could say we’re living in uncertain times. 

The coronavirus has changed everything, and it’s not clear when things will go back to normal … or if indeed, “normal” really exists anymore. 

But there’s good news.

No matter what the condition of the market or the state of the global economy, there are always opportunities out there for traders. fractalerts is here to help you find them.

How exactly can fractalerts help during these times of economic uncertainty? Let’s explore. 

The State of the Market Right Now

We’re living in a “don’t even bother looking at your 401k” type of world right now.

At the time of this writing, stocks had just fallen — again. This followed an uplifting rally last week that had some people thinking we were back on track: the S&P 500 had its best weekly gain in over 30 years; crude oil prices were on the rise.

But then, U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted that oil cuts were on the horizon. News reports showed that while coronavirus cases in the U.S. showed some slowdown, the numbers were still mounting overall. 

In short: things are still choppy. It’s not over, and the stock market isn’t likely to stabilize for a while yet. 

Why our Trade Alert Works During Times of Economic Uncertainty

The state of the economy is uncertain. The future of businesses both large and small is uncertain.

The stock market doesn’t care about any of that. 

The stock market remains totally neutral. It doesn’t care about prices rising or falling. And yet, if you look at historical data, it always bounces back.

But even during the most dismal of down trending markets, there are still opportunities. Some securities will always go up. The question is: How to find them?

At fractal, our solution lies in a proprietary algorithm.

The beauty of an algorithm-driven trade alert is that it’s based on facts and data — not market sentiment or gut feelings. This means that it’s equally effective in an uptrending or downtrending market. 

Algorithms can help you find the most promising trades without relying on hope or emotions.

There will always be hot sectors or in-demand products or services. That’s evident enough by the way coronavirus related stocks are spiking now. But is following these trends really the best way to trade?

At fractalerts, we take a different approach. The fractalerts trade alert service is based on an algorithm that doesn’t follow trends — instead, it follows data. 

These data-based trades might align with a trending sector … Then again, they might not. But by taking away that emotional and speculative aspect, the results have much higher odds of success. 

Let’s look at some specific examples of why fractalerts works during times of uncertainty:

A Proven Historical Track Record

fractalerts has historically delivered returns as high as 28.30% per week. 

This was true even during the financial crisis of 2007-2008, which occurred shortly after fractalerts was founded. The service delivered steady returns, even during that deeply scary time of uncertainty in the markets.

Is there a secret? Nope. Just math and science.

fractalerts are based on completely unemotional, systematic calculations. 

You might not want the people in your life to be emotionless, but when it comes to choosing securities to trade, it’s exactly what you want. 

fractalerts aren’t scared of the future. They simply tell it like it is. The results are unbiased and reliable. This system has consistently beat out major indices including the Russell 2000, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the S&P 500.

Data-based Trade Alert 

How does fractalerts work?

First, the program sifts through massive amounts of market data. We’re talking mountains — more than the average trader could get to in a lifetime. 

It sorts through all sorts of things like price action, momentum volume, time, and more. 

Then, our proprietary algorithm works through this data, creating complex matrices. These can reveal patterns that would otherwise be difficult to see.  

When a pattern is found and the trade is deemed promising, a trade alert is triggered. But this isn’t your average broker’s mailing list trade alert. 

These alerts are based on actual trades that the fractalerts team intends to execute, delivered to your inbox 12-24 hours before the trade. The implications of this advance warning are staggering.

As a subscriber, you have the luxury of time — to check out the trade, do your own research, and consider if you’d like to trade as well. 

When fractalerts was just getting started, it was only available to institutional investors or on an invitation basis. Now, it’s available to individual investors … Interested in joining?

fractalerts: Ideal for All Market Conditions 

Global banks and fund managers have been wise to fractalerts for over a decade. Why not take advantage of the same advanced tool they’ve come to rely on and trust?

fractalerts are appropriate for any type of market condition — whether the market is going sky high or crashing hard. You’ll be alerted to high conviction trades on a regular basis … What are you waiting for?

Our alerts are used by banks, fund managers and traders all over the world.
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