What is your win rate?

Win rate is the most misleading statistic in finance. You can learn more here.

Do you use backtesting?

No. Backtesting is a terrible way to test and only shows you the perfect fit of results over time. You can learn more here.

I trade options. How can fractalerts help me?

Our alerts work brilliantly for options traders. Options traders use our alerts as direction and duration indicators. With this information, you can pick a strike and expiration that suits your own risk and size. You can read more here and here.

What is the typical holding period for one of your trades?

The average duration of the patterns we follow is about 7 days, however some can be as short as 2-3 days or as long as 10-12 days. Put another way, we issue approximately 50 alerts per market over the course of a year.

Where do you place stops?

Mathematical patterns don't include a zero. They alternate from +1 to -1 and back again, like the pendulum on a clock. As such, we alternate from long to short, and then flip to short to long, repeatedly. We never use stops on our trading, as these would take us out of a pattern before it has completed. We use leverage and diversification to manage our risk, however many of our clients use stops as per their own discretion. You can read more about this here.

Do you offer a free trial?

We would love to have you join us, however we don't offer free trials. And we can see why you ask - there are a lot of services that do. The fact is however, none of those service are managing money. We not only alert you to trades a day in advance, but we follow all of the information we provide to subscribers.

In lieu of a free trial, all of our subscriptions are monthly. You are free to cancel at anytime. We hope you never need to, but the power is always yours.

How do I use fractalerts?

There are two ways traders use our alerts:

  • Banks, funds and passive traders use our alerts exactly as we do. They buy when we buy and sell when we sell. Banks and funds do this to get strategy diversity. Amateurs do it because they don’t know what else to do (and the results have very high average returns).
  • Professional traders use our alerts like any other indicator… as confirmation on trades. We may be in a long position for a week or so and during that time, day-traders may trade 50 times. By using our alerts as indicators, they’ll ignore sell side signals they see thereby reducing the amount of trades they place and increasing their percentage of accuracy.

Trusted by professionals throughout the financial industry, fractalerts provide an uncorrelated trading strategy, direct to your inbox.

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