The science behind fractalerts


Fractals are geometric structures exhibiting infinitely repeating patterns. We use a unique series of mathematical formulas to observe changes in price, volume, momentum and time. Once we correlate the data we find fractals, and therefore the key to understanding how the market will move.

Math + Physics

No one else uses our algorithms, which have been refined and perfected for over thirteen years. With advanced math and physics we have been able to create a system that has consistently outperformed our competitors.

At market close we run our systems, setting in motion a unique piece of software that analyses and predicts our next move. Although the next position may look counter intuitive, we always make the trade. We are unemotional, systematic and immune to market conjecture.

fractalerts are already used by banks and financial insititutions, and now this product is available to you.


Fractals are geometric structures exhibiting patterns that repeat indefinitely. In financial data, observations of price, volume, momentum (delta and delta of delta), and elapsed time reveal fractals, when using the right tools.


Our trading alerts are delivered directly to your inbox. They are simple to follow, and contain all the information required to place a trade. Global banks, institutions and private investors have all signed up to our system - will you be next?

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Trusted by professionals throughout the financial industry, fractalerts provide an uncorrelated trading strategy, direct to your inbox.

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