The science
behind fractalerts

Fractal - frac·tal - ˈfraktəl/ - noun
noun: fractal; plural noun: fractals
a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole.

Fractals are geometric structures exhibiting patterns that repeat indefinitely.

In financial data, observations of price, volume, momentum (delta and delta of delta), and elapsed time reveal fractals, when using the right tools.
Simply put, fractalerts is pattern recognition software that employs advanced math and physics—to identify fractal patterns in the market
  • First, we absorb and process data from every tick in the entire history of the financial markets.
  • Fourier transforms are used to evenly slice this data until all segments match.
  • Wave and group velocity functions are used to project forward that pattern to determine the next trades.

  • When new patterns emerge, fractalerts switches from long to short and back again.

Trusted by professionals throughout the financial industry, fractalerts provide an uncorrelated trading strategy, direct to your inbox.

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