Please Step Away From The Screen

Please Step Away From The Screen

| Rich Clifford | Blog
Our team at fractalerts gets confronted with the contents of the following question on a week by week basis:

"Very interested in fractal trading. Besides the signals you provide, is there any provisions for learning this or a similar system? I would eventually like to be able to find trades myself. Thanks."

Our answer always is:
It is important to note that a lot of what you read on the internet that is described as fractal trading (technical indicators) has nothing to do with fractals. It’s an unfortunate name someone once assigned to a completely useless indicator (Bill Williams fractal indicator).

Fractals are identified via electromagnetic, gauge and chaos theory. This is a math problem and has nothing to do with finance.

While we would love to suggest you to learn this tool or that tool to then trade profitably on your own, the statistics show 99.7% of all traders lose money. 0.3% of them make enough to break even. 0.001% of them make a living out of it and they all work for hedge funds. Trading is not something that is learned… and it’s definitely not done so by looking at charts and indicators. Rather, strategies are developed entirely void of emotion and allowed to follow a plan. That’s what we do… and where we have been providing access to for 16 years.

So for once and for all. We don't use:
--> News
--> Fundamental research
--> Experts
--> Indicators
--> Bar charts
--> Or any other biased methods

The only thing we are asking is for you to step away from the screen, trust the math and physics and trade boring.