What Kinds of Fractal Alerts Does fractalerts Offer?

What Kinds of Fractal Alerts Does fractalerts Offer?

Fractal Alerts? It’s one of the first things most potential subscribers want to know: what kinds of fractal alerts does fractalerts offer?

You’re right to be curious. After all, fractalerts is very different from the traditional stock alert system. But how exactly is it different, and what types of alerts can you actually expect when you sign up?

Want to learn more about who we are and what we do? Read on! This post will tell you everything you need to know about the specific alerts we offer and how they can potentially help you maximize your returns.

What is fractalerts?

fractalerts is our signature email alert service. It was created specifically for traders who are serious about improving their returns.

Nope: you don’t need to be a fund manager or even have financial expertise to take advantage of fractalerts! But you can take advantage of a system that’s used by high-ranking financial types across the globe.

As a subscriber, you’ll receive alerts 12-24 hours before a potential trade … from there, you can check it out and decide for yourself whether or not you’d like to trade too.

The best part? These alerts predict the market’s behavior with a high degree of certainty.

What Makes fractalerts Different?

Does it sound too good to be true?

Are you curious how fractalerts can make predictions with such accuracy?

Well, suffice it to say … fractalerts isn’t your average stock alert system.

Instead of just relying on hot sectors and “hot picks,” we approach things a little differently. Our selections aren’t based on gut instincts or trending news stories … but rather a mix of science and math.

The alerts are based on a systematic, proprietary system that removes emotions from the calculation. It was designed by Rich Clifford, a math and physics whiz who just so happens to be the son of a NASA astronaut.

These alerts are based on calculations, not trends. That means they’re far less fickle, and less subject to the unexpected fluctuations that characterize emotion-based trading decisions.

These predictions are completely devoid of emotion. In the world of trading, that’s a good thing — and it has a proven track record of astounding gains. In fact, for the last 12 years this system has been delivering up to 28.30% in returns per week.

Another big difference between fractalerts and other alert systems? We put our money where our mouth is … we actually make every trade that’s featured in the alerts! The trades are posted to subscribers 12-24 hours before we execute, including the position and timing. This gives you time to prepare rather than just react.

What Kinds of Fractal Alerts Does Fractal Offer?

fractalerts features a variety of different alerts in different areas of the market. Here’s a breakdown of all the alerts we offer:

Indices: This is for traders who speculate on price movements of some of the biggest indices like the Dow Jones and S&P.

Global Indices: Same idea as above, but focusing on global indices like the FTSE and Deutsche Börse.

Metals: If it glitters, it could be gold for traders! Metals trading has a definite link to the global economy, and focuses on precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum.

Energy: In terms of trading, energy refers to buying and selling wholesale electricity and natural gas as commodities. Prices can change dramatically … be prepared to take advantage of these price shifts!

Currencies: Did you know that currencies represent the largest investment market in the world? With trillions of dollars traded daily in FOREX, there are plenty of opportunities for savvy traders.

Bonds: A bond is a loan that’s taken out by a company … but instead of going through a bank, they’re getting it as an IOU from investors. Investors can take advantage of interest rates and principal returns, making them a potentially intelligent investment.

Grains: Yup, we’re talking about cereal grains. Commodities including corn, wheat, and soy can fluctuate based on a ton of factors like temperature, weather, and supply and demand.

Softs: Also called “soft commodities,” this includes things like coffee, sugar, and cocoa. In general, it includes commodities that are grown as opposed to being mined (those are referred to as “hard commodities”).

Livestock: Yes, animals are considered a commodity, especially farmed / working animals. Specifically, this refers to animals that can be bought or sold or traded … mainly the types of animals that produce eggs, meat, milk, hides, wool, etc.

The individual offerings on the site may vary from time to time; feel free to contact us for more information about a specific alert or subscription options.

Ready to Explore?

On the fence? Consider this testimonial from forex trader and fractalerts subscriber Brandon D.:

“I am a new and relatively amateur FX trader, having only begun serious part-time trading about 3 months ago. My trades are data-driven and based on fundamentals. When I first started, I followed the top news agencies and read various analysts reports and forecasts to establish and confirm my trade ideas but results were not impressive. I set out to look for legitimate help. I had my doubts about the accuracy and legitimacy of forecasts and recommendations issued by fractalerts. However, having been a subscriber for 3 months to the FX alerts, I have emerged a complete believer! I followed their recommendations and have gained astonishing results.”

The Final Word on fractalerts

It’s an exciting time for investors. Opportunities abound in the financial markets, and there are plenty of ways to potentially build wealth through trading.

However, it’s easy to get decision fatigue with the many options out there. That’s why it can be extremely helpful to have some intelligent guidance.

At fractalerts, we offer stock and trading guidance that’s data driven — not simply based on hype or trends. See for yourself … take advantage of the system that some of the world’s biggest fund managers and global banks have been using for over a decade!

Our alerts are used by banks, fund managers and traders all over the world.
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