Best Forex Trading Signals

Best Forex Trading Signals

Looking for the best forex trading signals? Sure, it’s flexible, exciting, and can potentially be quite lucrative. On the other hand, it’s a trading arena dominated by professionals, the price structure can be hard to understand, and the high leverage involved means it can be VERY high risk.

Right now, forex is extra-confusing with the shifting landscape of the stock market and global economy due to recent world events. But does that mean you should completely avoid forex until things level out?

Not necessarily, but it does mean that you’ve got to be prepared before you start trading. Fractalerts offers forex alerts that can help you get an edge and take the tough research and guesswork out of the process for you. Here, we;ll talk about trading forex — including what it is, how it works, and how fractalerts can help you identify promising trades.

What is Forex?

Forex is short for foreign exchange. Instead of trading stocks, a forex trader trades foreign currencies, hoping to take advantage of fluctuations between currencies to generate profits.

Since literally trillions of dollars’ worth of currencies are changing hands every day, the market is EXTREMELY liquid. The forex market attempts to take advantage of this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex

Forex trading is pretty popular, and with good reason. As noted above, the market is extremely liquid and pretty much always in motion.

Another big advantage? Since at any given point one market or another is open, forex is a 24-hour market. This allows for a lot more time flexibility than, say, day trading.

It’s also possible to use really high leverage with forex. This can be both a blessing and a curse, so it’s the perfect segue into the disadvantages.

Not sure what leverage is? Leverage is a strategy where you borrow money to increase your potential return on an investment. In trading, it’s kind of like a loan you take out in hopes that you can make more money by investing more. However, it can be dangerous territory, because if you make the wrong move, you’ve still got to pay that money back.

Forex markets let you use crazy leverage ratios — as much as 50:1. That means that you can take a position worth $50 but you only have to put up $1.

That’s exciting and it means that you COULD potentially profit bigtime. But often — all too often for new traders — this high leverage ratio means that it’s incredibly easy to blow up an account FAST.

The forex market is also dominated by brokers. This means that as an individual trader, you’re competing with the pros. This can make it hard to get ahead, and can contribute to a lack of transparency in the market. That means it’s not easy to gain entry into this world!

Best Forex Trading Signals

There are plenty of stock and forex trade alert systems out there. Possibly too many … and the results can be varied, but the best forex trading signals exclude emotions from trading.

fractalerts isn’t quite like any of them. We take a different approach with how we identify our alerts.

Founded by successful traders, fractalerts makes trade picks based on math and science. It’s based on precise algorithms that can make predictions based on patterns that repeat over time. The resulting predictions are far more accurate than any picks that might be based on gut reactions or hunches.

The result? Potentially astounding gains in the markets. Our results have proven incredibly precise in all sorts of market conditions … Both bull and bear markets.

fractalerts has alerts in a variety of different markets, including indices and commodities — as well as forex.

Another big difference? Unlike other alert systems, the fractalerts team actually executes the trades our system identifies.

The intended trades are posted to subscribers between 12 and 24 hours before execution, identifying details on timing and execution. This advance warning gives you time to prepare and decide for yourself — rather than just reacting.

The marriage of math, markets, and money works together in your favor with fractalerts!

Forex Trading: How do fractalerts Factor In?

A lot of forex trading charting platforms will make use of fractals. They’re extremely common, and they can be used in tandem with other strategies or indicators.

fractalerts takes it a few steps further than the traditional charting platform.

Our proprietary system is able to sift through a TON more data than the average human being could decipher, meaning there’s a lot more information from which to draw patterns.

The more data that you can sort through, the more variables can be taken into account, meaning that the trade picks become even more precise.

The fractalerts system is serious business: these emotion-free predictions are far more accurate than picks from individuals … Even really, really smart individuals.

The fractalerts system has a history of impressive gains. True story: for the last 12 years, this system has been delivering up to 28.30% in returns per week!

Ready to try fractalerts for Forex Trading?

The world of forex trading can be fast-paced and exciting. It can also be intimidating … and tricky to navigate this global market! fractalerts can help take some of the mystery out of finding promising trades.

Are you ready to experience the system that global banks and fund managers have relied on for over a decade? Consider subscribing today.

Have you tried forex trading? What are some of the biggest challenges for you?

Our alerts are used by banks, fund managers and traders all over the world.
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