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My fractalerts Review – III

By: Brent D.

We asked real Fractalerts users to share a Fractalerts review —and they answered. The following is Part III of an authentic, unpaid testimonial from Brent D. If you missed Part I, start here.

Fractalerts Review Brent D.

By mid-January 2015, I had been tracking Fractalerts’ actual trading results on the Indices since early November and noticed that their trade signals were legitimate and honest. They traded when they said they would trade and reported their results based on time-stamps in the market prices that I could verify.

Everything seemed very legitimate and true—both the good trades and the bad trades. This gave me yet another data point from which to believe that their 8 years of historical data was indeed accurate.

If you only look at futures contracts based on the required minimum account balance of $38,280 necessary to hold overnight positions for these 7 contracts, then the $72,400 of profit represents a 454% annualized return on this minimum balance!

Fractalerts’ Performance

So I subscribed to fractalerts’ commodity product and started tracking each trade in detail. I’ve logged every single trade they made of the 7 instruments in indices and commodities from November 1, 2014 through April 2, 2015:

In the last 5 months, the indices have returned $60,000 of profit and the commodities $12,250 for a total profit of $72,400. Depending on how you look at the treatment of futures contracts, that represents $72,400 of profit on the approximately $650,000 of total market assets represented by those 7 futures contracts—or a 27% annualized return.

However, that’s obviously a very aggressive way to look at the investment, especially assuming that any futures positions with this type of leverage would likely need 3x to 5x the minimums in order to sustain most, but not all, drawdowns without having your positions liquidated via margin call.

I appreciated that fractalerts didn’t throw any of those figures at me from the beginning. It was just the opposite—I had to sift through the data to find these incredible results. I was finally ready to invest my money.

“I appreciated that Fractalerts didn’t throw any of those figures at me from the beginning. It was just the opposite”

My Performance

I started trading with fractalerts’ indices signals in mid-January, using a combination of ETFs and Options. In late February, I switched to futures contracts and started trading the Commodities positions, as well. As of mid-March, I extended my subscription to include their Forex offerings, and I’m now trading futures contracts on the 5 Forex pairs that fractalerts offers.

I currently trade all 12 instruments tracked by the combined fractalerts subscription services, using 1 futures contract for each.

So far so good – these have been the best few trading months in my memory!