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My fractalerts Experience – IV

By: Brent D.

We asked real Fractalerts users to share a Fractalerts review—and they answered. The following is Part IV of an authentic, unpaid testimonial from Brent D. If you missed Part I, start here.

Fractalerts review – Brent D.

I’ve been using Fractalerts for a few months now, and I’ve found it to be a great fit for my trading style.

But before I dive into that, I want to get something out of the way: I don’t have any relationship with Fractalerts, aside from being a paying subscriber. I don’t know anyone at the firm, and I had never heard of them before stumbling upon them on Twitter.

I’m sharing my feedback to express my thanks and to let other curious retail traders know about my short history with their products. Now, without further ado and in no particular order, here are the reasons that Fractalerts is good solution for me.

“I really want to continually learn, and not really understanding the details of how their system works leaves me with a never-ending string of questions.”

1. Results

It appears to work. Other than the precious little information they share on their website, I really don’t know how exactly their system works—but so far, it sure seems to be doing great. And there’s plenty of historical evidence throughout many different market environments to suggest it can work for the long haul.

2. Activity

I like being constantly in the market—short or long, I don’t care. I just like to be “in” and trading the positions. On a personal note, I’m a closet bear—I can’t believe the run-up of the last several QE fueled years—so it’s especially difficult for me to go “long” when the signals come out long, but I have indeed profited from those signals so far.

3. Time

I have a meaningful full-time job with substantial responsibilities. I don’t really have time to research my trades or follow the market in detail. Even if I did, I suspect my conclusions would be wrong more often than not, as my trading history has proven to me over and over. Since subscribing to fractalerts, my time with financial media has been dramatically reduced—and that’s for the better.

4. Enjoyment

I like to trade. Let’s all admit it— it’s fun to place the trades. With all the fractalerts subscriptions, I usually make 10 to 15 trades per week—enough to keep me interested, but not so many that I’m getting chopped to death with churn, spreads, commissions, and so on. And since I trade futures contracts, I enjoy tracking those positions at all times of the day or night.

5. Clarity

The signals are crystal clear and easy to act upon—providing me with plenty of advance warning. I honestly feel like I’m making the exact same trades as the fractalerts team. So many other trading services make it nearly impossible to put on the same trades as they report in hindsight. I really appreciate that about fractalerts.

6. Flexibility

I can use futures contracts as my preferred vehicle. Yes, they’re heavily leveraged and very risky, but I’m fully aware of that. However, over the long run, commissions, spreads and allocation of my capital are all much more efficient in futures than any other instrument.

7. Comfort

I’ve grown comfortable not having stops/targets in place. At times, I wish I had a trailing stop in place for a few of my positions. But in truth, many a “loser” turned into a winner— so I guess it all works out in the end. It’s fascinating to watch in real-time how the 12 instruments interact with one another in all different types of market conditions. While intraday swings can be substantial, I think the benefits of not getting stopped out far outweigh all other considerations.

8. Humility

The Fractalerts team is humble—I really like that about these guys. They know trading is hard and they respect the markets. They never brag or carry on about their “system”—they live up to their motto to trade systematically and without emotion. This is a refreshing change of pace in the world of huge ego traders and fund managers shouting louder and louder.

9. Sustainability

This feels like a sustainable trading methodology over a very long period of time. I’ve only been trading these signals for a few months, but this feels like something that I can do for years and years.

10. Support

The Fractal team has been very generous with their one-on-one instruction and guidance to me. I doubt this is sustainable as they gain more and more subscribers, nor do I even require that level of personal attention. I just hope over time they begin to develop FAQs and/or conduct webinars so their subscribers can learn more about their experiences and insight.

This is perhaps my one suggestion for improvement for the Fractalerts team—I really want to continually learn, and not really understanding the details of how their system works leaves me with a never-ending string of questions. To the extent that they can provide continual education (without giving away all of their trade secrets—a tricky balance for any business) the more engaged I’ll be as a client.

Fractalerts review conclusion

I hope you’ve found this useful and interesting. I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Fractalerts thus far, and I look forward to following them into the future.